The President’s Committee believes that the arts and humanities should be part of the education of every child in America. The power of the arts and humanities to foster creativity in developing minds, to engage and motivate students in school and to prepare all children for productive futures ... Learn More »

Cultural Exchange

As a global power active on every continent, the United States has a vital national interest in cultural and scholarly programs that increase our understanding of other cultures and peoples. The President’s Committee plays a leadership role in cultural cooperation, working with its partners to ... Learn More »

Creative Economy

The arts and humanities are a powerful and positive force in the life of the nation’s economy. The interplay between commercial creative enterprises and non-profit institutions in our nation’s cities, towns, and communities form a dynamic economic base. The creative economy drives tourism and ... Learn More »

Special Events

The flexibility of the President’s Committee to develop special projects and initiatives allows it to partner with and bolster the programs of the White House and its primary cultural partners. Through this unique role, PCAH has supported activities that recognize distinguished artists and ... Learn More »