Save America's Treasures Celebrates Historic Preservation Month with an Awareness CampaignSave America's Treasures Celebrates Historic Preservation Month with an Awareness Campaign

During the first week in May, the US travel industry celebrated its contributions to American life with National Tourism Week. Overlapping this celebration is Historic Preservation Month, which showcases the role of preservation in livable communities. Among the key constituencies in both celebrations are cultural and heritage organizations, which are significant players in increasing their community's competitiveness as places to live, work and visit.

Save America's Treasures Celebrates Historic Preservation Month with an Awareness CampaignThanks to Save America's Treasures, The Mount is a major cultural attraction in the Berkshires, where tourism, history, culture and recreation form a dynamic economy. Its restoration celebrated here as part of May's Historic Preservation Month, which coincides appropriately with National Tourism Week.
Save America's Treasures has been one of the ways that the President's Committee is helping communities use their heritage and cultural resources to improve their economic health and livability. This month hundreds of Save America' Treasures projects have joined in the National Trust for Historic Preservation's “This Treasure Matters” campaign to show how much they appreciate what their SAT award has done for their communities. For the campaign, SAT grantees took a photo of what was saved and some of the hundreds of individuals involved in the project. These photos are a visual record of not only of local pride, but the people and jobs involved in these projects. Recent research commissioned by the National Park Service has found that between 1999 and 2009, Save America's Treasures grants have generated more than 16,000 jobs in cities, small towns, and rural communities across the country. Aside from jobs, the Save America's Treasures investment has also had a ripple effect in revitalizing neighborhoods; creating destinations for visitors; and enriching the cultural life of towns and cities across the country.

Among them is Pittsfield, which Yankee Magazine called the most surprising city in New England. A Save America's Treasures project helped catalyze a downtown renaissance in this former manufacturing center in western Massachusetts by leveraging the arts as a magnet for visitors and local audiences.